2014 AFC Champions

Printing Broncos Gear for the Rabid Fans

They are in the Super Bowl! The Broncos are in the Super Bowl! You know what that means? That means fans need gear! And someone needs to make that gear, that's where KSE Imprints comes in. We took orders for 10's of thousands of pieces. The best part, retailers needed these within hours of the big win. To accommodate, we geared up and ran for nearly 48 hours at around 700pcs an hour. We had shipments going out every few hours to keep retailers supplied all over the country. 

1. The madness begins!

Broncos -High5

 Broncos -Screen

2. They're piling up!

Broncos -Piling -Up

Broncos -Shirts

3. Every shirt gets official NFL license stickers. 

Broncos -Stickers

Broncos -Production

4. Local news caught wind of the hottest story in town. 48 hours of non stop madness!

Broncos -News

Watch the Channel 7 News cast here.

Broncos -News4

Watch the Univision News cast here

5. For sale at retail stores within hours of the big win!

Broncos -Store

Broncos -Store2

Broncos -Store4

Read the Denver Post story here


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