Super Heroes Unite

The holder of the Marvel License came to us at KMG and asked if we would manage the screen printing, finishing, and fulfillment and distribution for their NBA arena element. We happily obliged and made some amazing product for the 2012-13 season. We're looking forward to printing Marvel Super Hero's for every NBA team in 2013-14. Keep an eye out for more amazing Marvel stuff from KMG!

1. Our art team took the Marvel basics and prepared and separated this art for outstanding finished product. 


2. Our staff prepared this art with custom emulsion and perfectly chosen mesh counts to handle the intense amount of halftones. 


3. Before we print on apparel, our staff corrects all issues on press to ensure a perfect print. This way we can see micro registration adjustments as well as adjustments to individual head settings and ink calibration. 


 4. After perfecting the set up process, we roll out some of the absolute best product possible. We take a lot of pride in our work, and it shows. 





5. KMG would not be able to take on a project of this nature if we did not have the capability to handle the finishing requirements. For this project we needed to add a custom neck label, NBA hang tag, and process and fulfill each order to each arenas specifications. 


Marval 10


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