Screen Printing

Screen printed apparel and goods are an integral addition to your marketing campaign. Cool shirts draw attention; no product promotes word of mouth referrals as well as an expertly designed and produced t-shirt. Unlike most merchandise agencies, KMG has a screen print shop built right into our warehouse. We offer both high output printing up to 12 colors on two M&R automatic presses, as well as small run and sample prints on our M&R manual press. We print on a variety of media including, apparel, hard goods, paper, even custom heat transfers. Experience has made us experts in ink formulas. We use plastisol, waterbase, discharge, Nazdar, and a handfull of special effects inks like glow, glitter, crackle additive, burnout, etc.

We know from years of hands on experience that meticulous detail is imperative for consistent high quality product. We routinely work with our sports teams as well as major retailers such as Target, Hot Topic, JC Penney, and Urban Outfitters. You can rest assured your printed products will receive the attention to detail and excellent service your company deserves.

Screen Printing 2

Oversized prints as large as 23x25. Full color simulated process and maximum detail 4 color process. Your art will look as beautiful as possible in the hands of our expert artists and printers. 






Broncos -Shirts

Screen -Print _Presses

Screen -Print -Stack


Unactivated discharge print. Notice the lack of detail in the yellow and red and the absence of white.


After curring the discharge has activated. Notice how vibrant the color has turned and how the white pops.

Screen Printing